Although, Florida is home to more than 480 species of birds, several hundred species pass through during spring and fall migrations.

Spring: February through May
Fall: Mid August through November

Winter is the best birding season as the bird population explodes with winged visitors and there are two great places for viewing. Stump Pass Beach State Park and Blind Pass Beach and Park.

Stump Pass includes 245 acres of Coastal dune, coastal strand, beach, maritime hammock and tidal swamp where Bird nesting areas are roped off in the spring and summer. Then, just south of the pass are uninhabited Peterson and Whidden Islands. Not only are these great spots for birding but also marine viewing and shelling. Low tide is best for accessing these locations.

Blind Pass Beach & Park comprises 66 acres from beach to bay with hiking trails for viewing.

Year-round species include:
Brown Pelican ~ Yellow Crowned Night-Heron ~ Snowy Egret ~ Great Blue Heron ~ Black Skimmer ~ Ring-billed Gull ~ Osprey ~ Willet ~ Snowy Plover ~ Killdeer ~ Royal Tern ~ Wilson’s Plover ~ Laughing Gull ~ Sandwich Tern

Seasonal Visitors:
Black Bellied Plover ~ Magnificent Frigate-bird ~ Ruddy Turnstone ~ Common Loon ~ Northern Gannet ~ Sanderling ~ Foster’s ~ Tern ~ Peregrine Falcon ~ Semi-palmated Plover ~ Piping Plover ~ Western Sandpiper ~ Least Tern ~ Red Knot ~ White Pelican

Birding hotspots in Sarasota County

Birding hotspots in Charlotte County

You can access a master list of birds in our area from this website.